About van Vuuren Designs



In 2002, Lucien returned to South Africa following a two-year work experience 'break' in London. It was at this time that Lucien decided to put his work experience and studies of design into practice. He became the apprentice at one of the top furniture design and manufacturing companies in Johannesburg for four years.

While he was harnessing his skills of designing furniture and learning how the manufacturing business worked he began to dream of starting his own company. Being brought up in a very artistic family with his father being famous artist Andre van Vuuren he was ready to make his mark on the design world.

His company, van Vuuren Designs was officially launched in 2006. At first Lucien wanted to focus on making chairs but promptly found that there was a gap in the market for outdoor custom made furniture. This prompted the opening of Showroom, his shop in Craighall Johannesburg, which subsequently was closed after two years due to Lucien deciding to move to Cape Town.

Van Vuuren Designs has taken the approach of customer relations as a major factor in the business, Lucien does not have plans to open a shop in the near future but rather has one-on-one time with his clients, where he visits their homes in order to establish his custom designs for them and to supply other shops. To view any of the Cortar products an appointment can be made by emailing Lucien at cortar@vanvuurendesigns.com for all other furniture related queries Lucien can be contact at info@vanvuurendesigns.com.

Lucien says he is inspired by the latest architectural trends and ubiquitous cultural influences, he continues, "I mostly use renewable resources but new eco-friendly sustainable materials are playing a role in my designs."

van Vuuren Designs offers a full design and manufacture solution, which is now based in Cape Town but offering his solution across South Africa.

With the move to Cape Town Lucien is now working on a range of affordable, sustainable furniture, and a smaller range of homeware products under the brand Cortar. "I love industrial design and now I'm using my knowledge of wood and working it into products that can be used everyday," says Lucien.

Lucien was educated at the Nottingham Trent University, Design Centre, College of Design, Johannesburg where he obtained his diploma of higher education in interior design.

When Lucien is not working to create the very top quality furniture that is his signature, he is on the beach.