Terms and Conditions


1.     van Vuuren Designs (the seller) acknowledges our responsibility towards our customers and we undertake to the best of our ability to be honest and sincere in the service that we render.

2.     Quotations are valid for 14 days only, unless otherwise stated on the quotation.



3.     The seller guarantees the workmanship on its products for 12 months from date of delivery.

4.     This guarantee will become null and void should the purchaser mistreat or fail to maintain the goods according to the sellers’ maintenance instructions.

5.     The seller cannot guarantee any finish on furniture that is used outdoors even if this is a covered patio, the purchaser hereby agrees to maintain the product themselves, or to pay the seller the relevant fee for maintenance.

6.     Whilst every effort will be made to accurately match the purchasers colour requirements, the seller will not be held responsible if colour matching is not exact.

7.     Due to the nature of solid wood the seller cannot be held responsible for shrinkage, warpage or any other latent defect, which may occur beyond the control of the seller.

8.     By acceptance of the delivery, the purchaser acknowledges that the entire delivery is free from scratches and defects and is fully in accordance with the requirements of the purchaser. It is understood by the purchaser that timber products are dependent on the raw materials available at the time of manufacture and natural defects such as knots; natural cracks, etc. are unavoidable.

9.     The seller reserves the right to photograph the products supplied and to use such photographs for advertising purposes.

10.   Whilst every effort will be made not to damage plaster or paint work during installation the seller will not be held responsible for any such damage.

11.   The seller shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to the purchaser’s property during or after installation unless caused by willful negligence.

12.   The price quoted by the seller does not include any scaffolding hire or the cost of erecting such scaffolding.



13.   The goods will be paid for in full within 24 hours of delivery. Payment will be cash on delivery unless otherwise specified on this agreement.

14.   Ownership of delivered goods will only transfer to the purchaser after the purchase sum has been paid for in full.

15.   Goods may not be returned or exchanged if specially ordered or bought on a sale.

16.   All prices quoted are subject to fluctuation in VAT or any other taxes which may be imposed from time to time.

17.   The seller reserves the right to repossess the goods at any time should the full purchase price not be paid after the delivery. The repossession of goods does not relieve the purchaser of his obligation in terms of this agreement. The seller may at any time after delivery exercise his rights explained in this paragraph. No arrangement, which may lead to the extension of payment of the purchase sum, shall detract from any right under this agreement. Should goods on this agreement be delivered at different times, then the purchase price of each article will become payable on delivery.

18.   The driver who makes the delivery is instructed not to deliver unless payment has been arranged.

19.   The purchaser will be charged again for delivery in the event of redelivery due to non-payment of the initial delivery.

20.   Where transport contractors are used for delivery of goods to the purchaser:

21.   The purchaser will make the necessary arrangements with the transport contractor on his own behalf, at his own risk, and will make necessary arrangements regarding insurance himself.

22.   The transport contractor will act as an agent for the purchaser not the seller.

23.   Payment of goods will be made BEFORE delivery of goods to the contractor.

24.   The seller undertakes to endeavor to execute all deliveries as soon as possible and according to the expected date of delivery as specified on this agreement, but does not accept any liability for damages, which arise as a result of late delivery.

25.   The seller cannot be held liable for any delay in delivery due to reasons beyond the seller’s control.

26.   The purchaser shall not be entitled to cancel the contract because the estimated date of delivery had not been met, without a written demand to the seller to affect delivery. The above-mentioned demand must give the seller 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of letter by him to effect such delivery.